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Our yoga instructors accompany you on your way to inner harmony. With a lot of experience, know-how and passion for their work. We prepare our courses and programmes individually, to make the most of the lesson for every participant. You will feel good from the first moment. With our yoga team you can experience new sensations . To take home with you and to provide you with new strength, even after your stay at Biohotel Bergkristall.

Karin Seebacher
Hatha yoga teacher
Health yoga teacher
Pregnancy yoga teacher

„Yoga does not take place on the yoga mat only. The yoga mat is just an instrument to adopt an inner attitude and integrate it into your daily routine.” 

The personal yoga experience of the hostess began in the original country of yoga – in India. With her training to become a certified Hatha yoga teacher in the Arhanta Yoga Ashram the future path of the Biohotel Bergkristall has taken shape. She completed her knowledge by improving her skills and further training in health yoga and now conveys her know-how with great commitment to the participants of her yoga courses. With Karin you boost your energy level! 

Heidi Maria Seebacher
Children’s yoga teacher
Certified yoga teacher

“Nature makes me marvel every day, it gives me new strength and inspiration for new ideas!”

Yoga with children really enriches – me and everyone taking part. The adults can see the world through the children’s eyes once again and everyone learns from the other. The children calm down and feel themselves. These are inspiring experiences, that are open to everyone. Have fun in your lives and feel the strength in yourself!

Ursula Krauße (Sula),
Hatha yoga teacher,
Certified fitness instructor

For me, yoga is an inexhaustible universe of inspiration and far more than just physical exercise. Especially in times of overload, yoga magically brings us back to earth again and again and brings us back to the "here and now". Loosely based on Patanjali: "Yoga is the bringing to rest of the movements in the mind", I try to put this wisdom into (yoga) practice with my students every day anew.

In my hatha yoga classes, I like to introduce my students mindfully to healthily performed asanas and conscious breathing techniques. Different thematic focuses always make it possible to work on and grow in one's own personal yoga practice. During the relaxation phases, I like to incorporate thought journeys and the Jakobsen method of progressive muscle relaxation.

Our yoga courses
for beginners and
advanced learners.