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You want a little foretaste of your long-awaited holidays or as a memory of the beautiful days spent at Biohotel Bergkristall? With our delicious specialities you take a piece of Styria home with you. And using the unique products, you can feel that you are doing something good – not only for nature, but also for yourself. So – start shopping and feel better.

0,5 kg
€ 9,50
Healthy and delicious

Organic bee honey

from Styria
A real treat as well as a remedy directly from nature. Busy working in the lush flowery meadows in Styria the bees produced this speciality. Franz, the host, personally cares for the well-being of the bee colonies and takes care of filling the golden liquid into jars. Without additives, honey has anti-inflammatory effects and helps in case of colds and digestion problems. A really tasteful all-rounder!
0,25 Liter
€ 16
A magic potion from the mountains

Stone pine Schnaps

unique taste
Prepared by the host Franz, the queen of the Alpine conifers unfolds her unique taste in this nice to drink speciality. Take some of the mountain aroma with you! As a little foretaste to your holidays or as a memory of the time in Styria. But not only its taste but also its effects make the Stone pine Schnaps something really special. The essential oils help relieve complaints in case of colds, pain in the joints and asthma. It is also perfect as a little present for family and friends at home.
0,25 Liter
€ 4,50
Fruity moments of joy

Homemade Organic

strawberry-elder jam
Jam, that is a real treat to the palate due to the ripe and juicy strawberries in best organic quality, combined with aromatic elder flowers. Lovingly made in manual work. Perfect for the sweet-tooth, easy to spread, you will enjoy the fresh taste on your breakfast bread. Spoon by spoon you can taste the nature of Styria. Honest manual work and best ingredients without added colours of artificial aromas make every glass a real masterpiece.
€ 3,50
Nuts, fruit, and cereals

Organic Müslibriketts

an energetic rectangle
Take them with you for new energy, as a little snack on your way to the peak or as a present for your loved ones. The Müslibrikett-cereal bars are handmade of best ingredients from organic farming. For the production nuts, fruit, cereals, seeds, oils and honey are used. Handmade savoury creations. Furthermore, the producers try their best to prevent waste during the production and packaging process. A true gourmet piece.
€ 39,90
A shirt for every occasion

Our organic t-shirts

with print
Suitable for sports lovers, for gourmets, for skiers, for hikers, for nature lovers, for yogis and everyone else. Choose one of three motifs and two shirt colours. Naturally in best organic quality: not only the shirt, but also the print. Dressed for every occasion – here, in the mountains and at home.
€ 39,00
Plastic free – also outdoors


1 litre for more energy
At our eco-friendly hotel Bergkristall we are always looking for possibilities to reduce our plastic waste. With the Soulbottles, with engraved Bergkristall logo, we have found a marvellous way to stay plastic free during outdoor activities. We even add an energy plus to your bottle by filling it with energy stones, that energize the water. These glass bottles are an all-round clean product – dishwasher safe, carbon neutral and free of contaminants.
€ 24,90
Exclusive design on glass


0,75 litres for joy of life
Two motifs, symbolizing energy and harmony since centuries. The life flower with its harmonising effects. Om – a syllable, that holds the whole universe, for believers. Or do you prefer the lettering ‘Lei(s)tungswasser’? These are the designs available at our house for your 0,75 litre Soulbottle. A sustainable bottle, made of glass and free of contaminants. Easy to clean in the dishwasher.
€ 55,00
Rest your head for healthy sleep

Organic stone pine pillow

relaxing moments
Wake up, feel better – our motto and easily implemented with the organic stone pine pillows. The excellent smell comes emanated by the freshly ploughed stone pine flakes. At home they will remind you of relaxing holidays. A resin content of the processed wood guarantees an intense aroma. So the pillow improves the quality of your sleep, has anti-inflammatory effects and alleviates headaches. Relaxing tranquillity for healthy recreation.
€ 7,90
Mild & natural care

Organic miila mi

products of natural cosmetics
The new cosmetics of the Bio Hotels have also found their way to the Biohotel Bergkristall. Highest quality standards and natural ingredients distinguish our products. Of course, they are produced in Austria. Vegan - for a good conscience at every wash. Explore the aromatic diversity of hand-wash soaps, hair & body wash and body lotion. A precious present, also for the ones at home.