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After exciting activities in the mountains of the Schladming Tauern, the muscles can be tensed up. As a perfect compensation we offer relax- and therapist massages at the Biohotel Bergkristall. Just let go, inhale the scent of essential oils and feel the tender touches. Put your well-being into the experienced hands of our massage professionals.

€ 68

New Vitality

Full body massage
The classic full body massage includes a back massage with focus on the upper cervical spine, the neck, the lumbar vertebra and the fundament. Also arms and legs are released. Of course, we match the treatment according to the individual needs of your body.
€ 42

A treat for the back

Partial body massage
This partial massage is a benefit for body and soul, that soothes the muscles of your back. The massage techniques and the essential oils used, encourage the improvement of circulation in the tissue. Due to this effect it eases the symptoms of tired muscles and tensions and the body is ready for new activities.
€ 58

Vitality massage

for the active
Hiking, skiing and all the other holiday activities strain the muscles of the body. To avoid sore muscles after an exciting day in the mountains of Schladming, we pamper your body and the diligent muscles with a vitality massage. We use Arnika Sports Gel, that encourages circulation.
€ 42

For a strong back

Partial massage
All back muscles will be treated accurately from one segment to the next, from head to sacrum. Massage techniques like gliding, kneading and special myofascial release are used. The tight muscles are relaxed and can stabilize and move your backbone with new strength.
€ 42


Focus on your feet and feel the trigger points there. The application of pressure to these points positively influences your whole body and has beneficial effects on all regulatory circuits like muscles, digestion, respiration and the cardiovascular system. Your feet will be grateful.